Friday, June 14, 2013

Intel's Plan To Bring You TV

Intel is looking to join the long list of devices competing to provide your TV service.  They have been planning a set-top box to bring a traditional, cable-like TV service with greater flexibility and lower cost than the cable or satellite company can provide.  No content deals have been announced, but Intel is currently in discussions on how the content will be delivered.

According to a report from Reuters, Intel is proposing to pay more than the rates cable companies pay for the same content.  They will need programming from at least a handful of the top American media companies to provide an attractive service that could lure customers away from the cable company.  Intel has previously said that their service will have live programming, catch-up programming, on-demand, and also apps.  A built-in camera was mentioned as part of the set-top box.  The camera could be used to recognize viewers to target ads or provide personalized TV or movie recommendations.  Built-in video calling like Skype or Google Hangouts would be a cool feature.

Intel has crested an independent unit, Intel Media, which is completely separate from the rest of the company.  I'm excited for more competition, but see this as a big challenge for Intel.  The only type of cable-like service that I would be willing to pay for would have to be a truly a la carte service, allowing me to pick and choose exactly the channels I want.  Comments welcome - what are your thoughts?

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  1. Last thing that I heard was that the cable companies were throwing massive amounts of money for lobbying against this idea. It would be the death kneel for the cable providers.